Bee Family Photos

Look at those young faces! Watching personalities as they are first developing and expressing themselves in their natural state. Capturing children can be as exciting and exhilarating as an African Safari. What? No way is that hyperbole at all.

When it comes to family photos with young children you absolutely have no certainty on what you are going to get. If you are not flexible and patient during the process you will go crazy. But then there are the results… in the end you see the images that you were able to wrangle from the laughter, tears, fire ants (on the photographer this time), and chaos that leaves you certain that it was all worth it. But the true icing on the cake is knowing that you are giving this family and all their loved ones a forever moment in time. Because years from now, when the kids are grown, and families spread out across state lines, these cherished moments in print will be the gentle reminders that help keep our hearts warm.

Now, all of that said… capturing beautiful images outside in the sun in the Summer in the South… That is a whole other thing. For the sakes of the kids, the sweating parents, and the soaking photographer, we had to keep this show moving. The sun will fry you if you stand still beneath its piercing gaze. Even during those early evening hours there is still a lot of strength to those golden rays. But in the end…  a happy family of Bee’s is a wonderful thing.




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