Will Bee Photography
Will Bee Photography emerged from a deep seeded desire to create images that last beyond the  moment. To capture moments, memories and artistic expression in ways that last. Images that inspire me to push ever forward and grow, while also possibly bringing grins or happiness or inspiration for others. While Will Bee is more than a moniker. It is the perpetual state of growth, learning, evolution, and intent; the intent to be become all that i aspire for in myself and for myself. Transcending that, Will Bee Photography is about you. Capturing in stills the beauty that you already exhibit, while allowing you to imagine, envision, and portray the beauty and evolution ahead of you. If practice truly makes perfect, then let’s practice being our desired self until we have arrived upon it without even realizing.

Will Bee
Originally born in northern West Virginia, Will Bee moved to Bluffton, SC in 2000. Living in the Low Country has helped bring about great healing, happiness, and friendship over the years. And if the marsh and ocean and varied sea life does not encourage you to imagine the possible, there is the delicious food. Photography has long been a passion, but became something more not long after the move to SC. Landscapes were a starting point, because with sunrises like those found around here how could they not be a point of interest? Later focusing more learning in light and faces and emotions. Finding subtlety and giving it a stage in stills. Lest we not forget copious portraits of the beloved furry creatures that bring increased warmth into a home.

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