Music to the Eyes

Collaborating with other artists or creative types often makes a project more interesting for me. There was, of course, a time where I would not have said that. Typically, less gets done by committee. But when you have two people with well paired demeanors, great intentions, and complimentary creative skills what can be achieved can really leave you with a pleased smile on your creative soul. So when musician and singer Valerie Gabriel reached out to me for some new headshots I knew immediately that this would be an opportunity for us both to create something special.

When you first meet someone there is that immediate learning period where you assess what you can of them. Valerie comes across with genuine kindness, non-boastful assuredness, and the hint that there are ideas going on behind those dark eyes. But when you happen to come across her at work, behind those 88 black & white keys and a mic in reach, that is when you discover the true power and soulfulness that resides within that thin frame. Since our shoot Valerie has moved on to share her energetic musical talents in Las Vegas and that town is far the better for it.





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