Day of Grace – Part 2

In continuation from the day of images with our model, Grace Lawton, we find ourselves in a hunting preserve. After driving this route from Savannah, GA to Charleston, SC numerous times I have never noticed this place. The light driving into the preserve was magnificent. The tall grasses, fallen trees, long, sandy road, and drying fields of sunflowers looked to offer so many great locations to pull over. But for some reason it was important for me to drive the entire area for ideas and then stop at the best spots on the way back. Little did I know that on the way back the clouds would take away all of that beautiful light that was so inspiring. That is where it helps to be patient, and to have an equally patient collaborator/model. Particularly one that does not mind the Southern heat.

You can see from the sweat upon her upper lip that the August heat was in full effect on this day. That may have been a detail to remove from a client shoot or a normal portrait, but on this occasion it adds a since of place and, to me, a sense of realness. If the camera was turned around at this moment you would see a far less “put together” subject.

Grace Lawton

Seated amongst the wild flowers

Grace Lawton

And now all sprouted up

Grace Lawton

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